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Design and marketing can't be approached in an ad-hock fashion if it's to be successful. There are tried and tested rules that put you on the right track from the off. Getting it right now will prevent you from fumbling around in the dark.

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Everyone has a website these days, but the burning question is, how many of them actually work and generate enquiries?

It's important to make that distinction because most of them don't.

To create a great website, we must first understand why people visit them. They are there for one of four primary reasons.

Be different and stand out from the crowd.

It's the message that stays in your customers' heads after they've forgotten everything else.

So what exactly is your USP and can you clearly define it? In simple terms, it's what you say when someone unexpectedly asks you what you do. It doesn't have to be a single sentence - it might even take a few paragraphs. Which sounds better?

Aiming your efforts at prospects most likely to buy from you will save a fortune.

Market Segmentation allows you to reach more of the people who will ultimately buy your product, but targeting specific segments may also reduce the competition you face. Finding your niche is often the key to success for small, medium and even large businesses.

With a little caution and planning you can be certain you're spending wisely.

The foundation of all good marketing is testing and measuring. If you start implementing new approaches without a system for measuring the results you'll never achieve the success you're capable of.

Identifying Features and Benefits

Most sales processes follow a similar pattern. There is an identified need for your product or service. If your targeting is correct your prospects already want the product or service you provide and you shouldn't have to persuade them to buy.

You can do it yourself...right?
Well let's clear that one up straight away...WRONG!

In this computer age the readily available Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Publisher, makes everyone a designer. At least that's what some would have you think. Although it may seem like a great cost saving move for small and even medium size businesses, the implications of embarking on the DIY design route can work against you in real terms.

Latest IT News
App price rise predicted
Following the latest budget, prices for downloading apps, music and other items could rise.
EA games server hacked
A server belonging to games giant EA has been hacked and was used to host a phishing attack to collect Apple IDs. The issue was spotted by Paul Mutton who works for security firm Netcraft. He posted a blog about it explaining how the hack worked.
Business leaders feel most threatened by IT hazards
A recent report published by the Business Continuity Institute (BCI), in association with the British Standards Institution (BSI), has revealed that IT-related threats are continuing to provide the greatest concern for organisations, ranking above other threats such as natural disasters, security incidents and industrial disputes.
Windows falling, OSX rising
The market share of desktop computers connected to the internet has taken an interesting shift. The percentage of Windows-based PCs has dropped below 90 per cent for the first time since the mid-1990s.
Penultimate XP security patch
With just under a month left before Microsoft stops supporting Windows XP, the company has issued the penultimate update for the OS.
UK consumers spend more on BYOD than on tea and coffee
With 83 per cent of organisations permitting BYOD and 39 per cent of employees purchasing their own device for work purposes, BYOD is helping to save the average company* £150,265 over five years.
Ear clip PC
Engineers in Japan have created a tiny wearable PC that can be controlled by the way you move your eyes, mouth and nose.
Strengthening the health informatics profession
The Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC) is pleased to report that following the development and launch of the Level 3 Diploma in Health Informatics, the Health Informatics Apprenticeship Framework2 has also been further enhanced and now covers both intermediate and advanced levels.
Mobile kill switch
Legislators in California are pushing mobile device manufacturers to make it easier to permanently block stolen devices such as smartphones.
NHS England 'not clear enough' to patients about care.data opt-out
Tim Kelsey, NHS England Director of Patients and Information, admitted, this morning, on BBC radio1, that NHS England had not been clear enough about patients’ right to opt out of the new care.data scheme. Tim stated: ‘I think, that, maybe we haven't been clear enough about the opt-out. I agree with that. Let me be absolutely clear now, that people who don't trust the NHS to manage their data securely now have a new right, to opt out of this scheme. To be honest, all they need to do is contact their GP to opt out.’

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